Dance, Eat, and Mosey

6 Pax posted in the extra gloomy hour for a Friday beat down


Disclaimer given in plank. The presence of YHC’s Bluetooth speaker was the first sign that the Q would include some of his favorite music. Usually this means a country song set to some random moves from the exicon. Today would not be a surprise. Jake Urban’s “ Down to the Honky Tonk” started playing. Started with SSH and whenever he sang “down” we did a burpee. Mixed in squats and MNC with the burpees which came too fast to keep up with. Fully warmed up by the end, we moseyed to the back parking lot.

The Thang

When we arrived at the back lot, we were greeted by a OOT F3 brother. TPS from F3 Greensboro had been waiting in the back lot for the start. Mumblechatter about the map location of the AO, then we got started.

YHC called for The Quarter pounder.

5 burpees, run to first parking lot peninsula, 25 Merkins, run backward to start, 5 burpees,

Run to second peninsula, 50 LBCs, run backward to start, 5 Burpees.

Add another peninsula for 75 MC, and end with 100 SSH at the farthest peninsula.

Catch a lap until all PAX  ate 2 Burgers

Mosey back to flag

YHC felt he cheated our OOT guest , so we played Jake Urban again. Hard to tell if the chatter was laughter or grimace, but we all finished in time for some dollies and flutter kicks.


Pledge, pray , and on our way

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