Blockbuster Monday

11 came out the day after the Oscars for a full blockbuster beatdown. Disclaimer was administered and then we began.


MNC (15IC), Chinooks (10IC ea direction), 4-ct Squats (20IC), TTT (15IC), Merkins (13IC), Windmill (15IC). Mosey to pick up coupon.


Mosey around alternating with shuffle and walking, also alternating with block held overhead or on shoulder. Took the long way to the picnic tables.  All these were OYO: 30 Incline Merkins, 20 Prisoner Squats with block, 15 Decline Merkins, 10 Step Up’s each leg with block and Overhead Press at the top. (I’m certain this was everyone’s favorite.). Mosey to field alternating block overhead and shuffling.  Flutter Kicks IC with block overhead, straight into reverse crunches. Partner up for Farmer Carry (50yds) and 8-ct Man-makers- 2 rounds for each partner. Circled up for an attempt at buddy-block lifts, but gripping the block proved to be challenging and potentially dangerous. We’ll have to perfect that one somehow. Mosey back to return coupon with alternating blocks overhead and shuffling.  Short round of Mary with lBC, WWII, Freddy Mercury, and my personal favorite- Boat/Canoe


Discussion of potential 3F event at 9-Line Veterans Village. More info forthcoming. Update on DQ’s M and friends after kidney transplants. Closed out with Pledge and Prayer.

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