Lt. Dan and Captain Thor walk into a bar

All great jokes start with the same premise. However, YHC’s ability to wake up at 5:29a due to over slapping of the alarm and showing to work out at 5:33a was certainly no laughing matter. As AO Q for Hull Park, YHC was literally sleeping on the job. However, the men of F3 Savannah were able to muster into a circle and start a conversation about who would Q. Red Ryder admirably stepped up, but did not step too forcefully to avoid waking the evil spirits that inhabit his plantar fascia. After the thorough warm up, YHC had shaken off the cobwebs and finished the workout. It went a little something like this:

Warm Up:
15 Through the Tunnels IC
20 imperial walkers IC
20 4 count merkins IC
30 flutter kicks IC

Mosey around the short end of the park back to the amphitheater
Stairway to 7 burpees
30 dips at the bottom, frog jump 4 levels to top, 1 burpee
30 dips at the bottom, frog jump, 2 burpees
rinse and repeat to 7 burpees

Mosey to 3rd base foul line on the baseball diamond
20 bonnie blairs, bear crawl to second base, 20 bonnie blairs, bear crawl back
Lt. Dans up to 5 and 20. 1 squat, 4 lunges, 2 squats, 8 lunges, etc up to 5 and 20.
Bear Crawl back to the starting line

Minutes of Mary, round the circle
20 pretzel crunches each side
37 freddy mecury’s (positive reviews on recent film that no one has actually seen)
3 minutes of boat canoe
Capt. Thors, up to 5 and 20 (1 sit up, 4 twists, 2 sit ups 8 twists, etc.)

Great ab and leg work out, with enough upper to feel full body-ish. Quick talk on importance of diet (queen) in acheiving fitness. Can’t relay solely on exercise (king) to stave off the sit-up inhibitor (aka gut). Read more about this concept here: The Daily Discapline of What is put into The Body (

Prayer requests – Red Ryder reminded us all of the need to reflect and pray on leadership – within ourselves and our elected leaders making decisions on our behalf. Guppy gave us an update on 2.0’s medical progress. Praying for insurance to support treatment in Houston.

Great to see Birdman and Maple out there. We can never have too many Josh’s. Could have used 1 or 2 more, to be honest.

And as a final note: See, you do read backblasts. They are important to help those that cant attend to see what is going on. It’s a form of accountability to those who oversleep or made an active decision not to post to know that 7 men made the choice to start their day with a challenge, with some fellowship, and with some words of wisdom. And to know that we want them to join us.

So, everyone, write the dang backblast.

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