Record PAX for a new coupon

Conditions: 34 deg F, 28 deg F with wind chill

12 PAX, including 2 FNGs, were in attendance when YHC called for the COP at 0530. Then 1 more arrived. Then 1 more arrived. Then 1 more arrived. 15 PAX is a new record for Pooler without counting 2.0’s or convergences. Great job all!


30 SSH IC, 15 Moroccan Night Clubs IC, 10 Chinooks each way IC, 15 burpees as a late penalty/celebration of the new record.

The Thang

Mosey to the coupons where a shiny new 2” diameter 50’ long rope was present. Thread a cinder block per person onto the battle rope, and then as a group carry the rope on shoulders. This was slower than YHC expected, so we only went a few light poles away for the main part of the beatdown. Use the light pole as an anchor for the rope. Make an arc around the other side of the light pole with the cinder blocks.

The Battle Rope station would AMRAP the rope exercise to act as the timer while the others did a matched exercise in the arc. Rotate clockwise. The following exercises were cycled through:

Battle Rope ExerciseNon-rope Exercise
Infinity/Figure 8 SlamsKettle Bell Swings
Alternating WavesCinder block curls
3 forward slam jumps, shuffle backLong jump, shuffle back
Alternating Waves to BurpeesBurpees
Side Shuffle while doing WavesCinder Block Squats
SSH with ropeSSH

YHC left the Weinke in his vehicle, so accidentally left American Hammers with the rope off the routine.

We cycled through almost 3 times. Laced up the cinder blocks on the rope and carried them back as a team. Hustle back to the flag to name the FNGs.


Welcome Stripes and Armrest. And welcome back Piglet and Quikrete who both were FNGs Monday and posted for the 2nd time.

Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

Now that the battle rope is officially part of our coupon arsenal, we need to work on naming the exercises. Someone more creative than YHC should take that on.

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