F3 Rocks

10 PAX posted on a very comfortable 45° Friday.

CoP highlights:

Flyover rule resulted in only one set of burpees. The Q’s favorite exercise is a silent 21 count SSH. If we all finish on 21, we move on, but a miscount results in 10 burpees. More than a few get distracted and we’ve yet to not do the burpees.


Indian Run was the next activity. On the back side of the run, we dropped into a Railroad Tracks routine. The first runner drops into a plank. The next PAX jumps over the first and goes into a plank. It continues until the first PAX is last and he jumps up and continues until we reach a designated end location. There were no reported injuries, but I believe a few near stumbles might have occurred. Key is to get the knees up. We then finished the Indian Run.

Main Thang

Q introduced a bag of rocks with the name of an exercise written on each…15 total. The stones we’re placed on the ground in a circle of pain fashion. A Tabata timer backed up by an 80’s iHeart channel was used for 30 seconds of exercise and 7 seconds to rotate to the next rock. The Bear Crawl brought out unexpected creativity in a few. After 2 rounds, it was time for a final Sprint to the end of the lane and run backwards for the return leg.

CoT, Pledge and Prayer

It was a great week of workouts! Let’s keep spreading the word and bless more lives thru F3.

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