With a record tying turnout YHC was excited to deliver a traditional body weight beatdown. The bad news for all meant there would be a lot of Burpees (the workout equalizer).


SSH, MNC, Chinooks, Through the Tunnels. In addition 3 late PAX penalties of 15 Burpees (5 ea).


After picking up a Cindy, we began with BOMBS… 25yd Bear Crawls, OH press, Merkins, # Declining Burpees (10-2), Squats. After a few rounds, Cindy was left behind and a few modifications were made. Bear Crawls became Buddy Carries, OH press without Blocks, Squat Jumps. Burpees remained a constant. We completed all cycles down to 2 Burpees and returned the blocks. At the flag with one minute remaining a few comments were made about us lacking the 1 Burpees cycle, so YHC called for 10 final Burpees. With these included we completed approximately 81+ Burpees plus all the de-constructed Burpees with the OH press, Merkins and Squats.


Announcements, Pledge, Prayer.

Remember Izzy with multiple sclerosis and friend of Armpit for salvation.

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