Setting new records

16 Pax posted for a new record number at the Pooler AO. Flyover rule in effect

Disclaimer given, Warmups included SSH, MNC, Chinooks, Finkle Swings, TTT, Don Quixote in cadence

The Thang

Bear crawl to the Q count of 25 steps, 25 merkins followed, LT Dan x 25 , 25 LBC’s, Duck Walk x 25, 25 Merkins, Front Kicks x 25, 25 LBC’s, Imperial Squat walkers x 25.

Mosey to the pavilion. Find a bench and complete 25 dips oyo. Then 25 bench step ups x 25 each leg. Mosey back to parking lot.

Rinse and repeat without the dips and step ups.

Black snake run to back parking lot and return to flag.

Circle up in a squat position and pass a Cindy around the circle 16 times. (One for each Pax)

Flutter kicks, Dollies, and Boat Canoe rounded out the morning.

Welcome FNG Honker!


Pledge, pray, and on our way


Good to see the group continue to grow. Having to yell across 3 parking lots so the PAX can hear instructions is a newly welcomed problem. Always good to see a FNG. Honker found us via the internet and came on his own without anyone EHing him. Speaks well for his fortitude!

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