Stacy’s Revenge

Stacy’s Revenge 

(FLYOVER RULE IN EFFECT) 5 Aircraft today for a total of 25 bonus burpees

18 PAX posted w/ 1 FNG  for an all time AO record!!  

PAX Posted: Teddy Bear, Betty Crocker, Putt Putt, Quikrete, Glowstick, Gilligan, Clog, Footlong, Honker, WooHoo, Backstreet, Brady Bunch, Stripes, Flat Tire, Radar, Doughboy, Bella and Swabbie

Disclaimer in Plank

Dive Bombers

Night Clubs x 10

Chinooks x 20

Stacy’s Revenge 

  –  Pax listened to Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne(3:23)

  –  when Stacy’s name is mentioned the PAX owe her a man maker

Q renamed the 8 Count Body Builder(modified burpee) to a Man Maker for the time frame of 0530-0615

Indian Snake run to front soccer field

The Thang – Killer Kubes

18 packs rolled the Killer Kubes – 1 die for reps (10-20-30-40-50-60) and 1 die for the exercise (Merkins, Squats, SSHs, Mountain Climbers, LBCs, American Hammers)

PAX made it through 1 round – Mountain Climbers were rolled more often than not.

Mosey back to Shovel Flag


Teddy’s 10 Merkins

Putt Putt’s 50 Sunshines

Betty Crocker’s Bear Crawl

Quickcrete’s LBCs

Glowstick’s 10 Superman Merkins

Gilligan’s Boat/Canoe

Clog’s Merkins

Footlong’s Squats


 Doughboy reviewed the F3 Credo, Mission and Core Principles

Clog led the group in prayer

(FLYOVER RULE IN EFFECT) 5 Aircraft today for a total of 25 bonus burpees

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