St Patty’s Dora Bombs

Top o’ the morning welcome. Long, thorough, detailed disclaimer given.


All done in cadence: MNC, Chinooks, Little arm circles, Merkins, LBCs, 4-act Squats. Mosey to brickyard picking up Rucks and sandbags along the way.


Recycling from a former Q, we lined up in single file with blocks and began the BOMB iteration:

  • B ear Crawl Drag 25yds with block
  • O verhead press 15 I/C
  • M erkins on the block
  • B urpees 10 declining to 7
  • S quays with block

Q was criticized for lack of creativity so the pendulum swung the other way and we began the Slow Dora. Partnered up:

Partner 1 wears ruck while Partner 2 travels 30?yds with coupon. Combining counts each group did 100 Merkins/200 LBCs/300 Squats/400 SSH all with Ruck but SSH we’re cut short. The traveler picked either the “Dear Drag”- 2 60lb sandbags, farmers carry, or over head carry. Trade spots after each trip.

Expired time means returning blocks and circling the flag.


Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

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