Looks like a case of the Monday Relays

An AO record 19 PAX gathered to partcipate in some good old fashioned recess style race fun.

Wx: Mid 40’s, clear skies and decreasing pollen showers.


Quick warmup featuring Plank and Dive Bombers while the disclaimer was given. SSH, Imperial Walkers, M. Nightclubs and Chinnooks.

The Thang

Mosey to gather 2 block coupons and 1 pole coupon for each of 3 teams.

5ea rounds of races to the end of the parking row and back stopping at each island to perform a set of exercises (5 burpees, 20 LBCs, 25 ‘Merkins, 40 squats, 40 mountain climbers). Team that “wins” gets a prize of 5 extra burpees. Team members are allowed to accept reps of movements for other members to try to have a quicker overall team finish.


  1. Movements only (demo pace)
  2. Movements only (race time – it is on!)
  3. Same as before, but each team also has to transport 2 blocks
  4. Movements + poles
  5. Movements + blocks + poles

Return coupons. YHC requested a slow mosey back to the flag for conclusion of activities. Some PAX decided to continue the competition and a footrace ensued. Unfortunately, one PAX became injured in the process.


Countarama, Namearama, Announcements, Prayers


Flyover rule was in effect which resulted in (1) set of reward burpees. Additional burpees were handed out to team #3 for inability to perform the correct movements in the correct location. Team #2 won the most often and Team 1 was awareded extra burpees for consistent mediocrity.

Prayers to Duece for a speedy recovery to his injury.

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