Corner Kidney Punch

In celebration of Spring and March 22nd, Partner As Many Corners As Possible (AMCAP) in 22 minutes. Full body throw down.

Number of the Day: 22

Warmup: 22 4-count Mongolian Night Club Jacks. 22 4-count Mountain Climbers, 22 second High Plank lean left&right, one warmup lap with demonstrator at each corner.

Workout: partner1-firemen carry partner2 for first length; partner2-22 Merlins with partner1s feet on shoulders; partner leap front jump for second length; partner1-22 partner throw down legups; partner2-fireman carry partner1 for third length; partner1- 22 Merlins with partner2s feet on shoulders; alternating burpee jumps for fourth length; partner2-22 partner throw down legups.

Rinse-repeat as many corners in 22 minutes; 22 LPCs for every corner less than winning team.

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