F3 Little Piggies

This workout was a little take on the 3 little pigs.

Condition: 42 deg F, clear and not gloomy

11 PAX showed up and nobody showed up after we started so no penalty burpees.


We started in a plank position as the disclaimer was given. 5-4 count merkins, 20-4 count SSH, 15-4 count AT-ATs, Moroccan Night Clubs, followed by some Chinooks. We ended with a Mosey on to the storage locker.

The Thang

The Thang was based on the story of the 3 little pigs against the big bad wolf. The object was to build a house before the big bad wolf came. We gathered most of the cinder coupons and two logs. the Q brought a couple weighted balls and some speed ropes. The PAX brought all the building materials to the start line and divided itself into two teams.

Instructions were given to mosey a single piece of construction materials about 400 ft while the rest of the team was “rooting” in the mud (aka bear crawling). The next PAX member would be “Staged” ready to mosey the next piece of material down to the house all the while jumping rope. Unfortunately about 10-15 minutes the big bad wolf showed up and all the little piggies had to deconstruct the house and bring the materials back to the starting point. Thankfully the wolf left and each piggie dropped their materials where they were and started over. Construction completed and all the piggies celebrated with 10 burpees.

All building materials were returned to the storage locker and the PAX completed the thang with an .4 mile Indian Run (Black Snake Style) with a few burpees thrown in for good measure.


Finished with number-rama, name-a-rama, Announcements, pledge, and prayer.

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