F3 Mental Battle – Pre-Blast

On March 27, the F3 Savannah AO (Hull Park, Pooler, and Richmond Hill) workouts and Circle of Trust will focus on Mental Health Awareness. Many other AOs and Regions around F3 Nation are doing this together.

Depression amongst men is a real thing, and the consequences of not addressing it because “men aren’t supposed to get depressed”, “I can overcome this myself”, or “I have no one that would understand” are all too real. According to the American Psychological Association, 9% of men have daily feelings of depression out anxiety. Of those, only 25% discuss these feelings with a mental health professional. The suicide rate amongst men is 4 times higher than that of women — women are more likely to attempt suicide, but men are 4 times more likely to “succeed” a suicide attempt.

So post on Wednesday. Maybe because you need it. But also post in case your fellow PAX needs it. Nobody will be forced to talk about anything they aren’t ready to talk about. But this group of men that does hard & sometimes stupid workouts together can also be that group to be there for the real battles of life together.

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