5 at Daffin

5 men posted at Daffin Park for an entire hour long workout. Continues to be great to see Clog show up from the Pooler AO and join us at Daffin. Youre gonna have to Q at Daffin soon Clog. YHC took the Q with some good ideas. Mostly that the pax needed to incorporate more pull ups into our routines. Look out for the more pull ups credo moving forward. Maybe someday we will all pull up with the spider-monkey grace of Two Pack. Here’s how the Thang went down:

Warm UP:
40 SSH IC – always trying to beat Red Ryder’s internal clock
20 through the tunnels ZIC
10 standing walking tin mans oyo
15 4-count squats
30 LBCS ic
30 flutter kicks ic

Merkin of fire circle:
All pax plank. First man does 5 merkins, then next man. Plank while not merkining. Goes around the entire circle.
Round 1 5 merkins
Round 2 10 merkins
Round 3 5 merkins

Moseyed over to Lake Daffin. Guesses were lobbed about the distance around the concrete lake. Deduced to be longer than a lap around Hull Park (.25 mile) but less than a mile. We got some real professional land surveyors in our group.

4 Corner Escalator
10 Dive Bombers, mosey to next site
10 Dive Bombers, 20 Jump Squats, mosey to next site
10 Dive Bombers, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Mountain Climbers, mosey to next site, short of starting point
10 Dive Bombers, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Mountain Climbers, 40 Pretzel crunches.

Once we got to the top of the escalator, we had to work our way down. Red Ryder proclaimed there was a lack of creativity, a common barb from RR. However, YHC explained that due to the lengthy and vivid department store analogy, there was bonus creativity. Down we went.

10 Dive Bombers, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Mountain Climbers, 40 Pretzel crunches. Lunge to the next site.
10 Dive Bombers, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Mountain Climbers, 5 Lieutenant Dans to the next site (at this point someone proclaimed “what do you have against the legs”. Nothing my friend, I punish the legs because I love them.)
10 Dive Bombers, 20 Jump Squats, leg shake out walk to the next site
10 Dive Bombers.

Mosey to the large swing set for pull-up routines, only to find that they swings have been upgraded and are now too large to do a proper pull-up. Thanks city of savannah for looking out fo the kids!

Mosey to the small playground with monkey bars. Pax split in two. 3 men did 5 pull ups, 2 did 10 merkins, then flip flop. It continued:
4 pull ups, 15 merkins
3 pull ups, 20 merkins
4 pull ups, 25 merkins
5 pull ups, 30 merkins

Mosey back to the flag for some mary:
30 flutter kicks IC
hold the feet at 6 inches
few Sets of 90, 45, 6 inches
hold at 6 inches
10 hello dollys ic
90, 45, 6inches
30 flutter kicks ic

It’s always great to end a workout on the ground. something about it makes it feel more like a circle of trust. perhaps we’re more vulnerable (to birds of prey and things) when on the ground. Announcements were made to continue Q Source discussion at coffeeteria, updates on Guppy’s family search for medical support for daughter Ruthie. Prayer, Pledge.

Q-Source – great discussion and participation from all 5 men that posted. If you’re not joining us for the Saturday q-source discussions at The Breakfast Place, you’re missing out on what makes this more than a workout. Great for those motivated by a rational mind line of thought and those who find guidance directly from scripture. All men, all faiths are welcome to listen and participate or both.

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