Hull park Hustle and an FNG

YHC woke up, determine to push past any lingering sinus infection situation to Q the 3/27 #F3mentalbattle workout, as brilliantly inspired by our F3 brothers in Louisville. Louisville may have a questionable college sports program, but the F3 men are leaders throughout the nation. Full disclaimer given without legal council oversight.

The Thang:
Warm up
30 SSH ic
20 4 count squats ic
20 Walking standing tinmen oyo
15 through the tunnels
30 lbcs ic
merkin fire circle – round of 5, 6 and 7 merkins each while the rest of the pax plank.

Mosey around 3/4th of the park. Stop at the amphitheater for some stairway to 7.
25 dips at the bottom, frog jump up the 4 steps to the top, 1 merkin
Repeat, 2 merkins
Repeat 3 merkins, etc. all the way to 7 merkins.

Immediately mosey half way around the park to the curb facing the Habersham School

With an FNG and the newly named Sketchy, YHC decided to go over mission, credo, and 5 core principles of F3. Always good for a reminder and as an introduction. This was done while lunging to the next point of the circle.

Tysons. A new favorite. Plank position with feet on curb. 1 count includes one plank squat and one merkin. Bear crawl to curb across the street. 2 count tysons. Rinse and repeat up to 5 Tysons. Great convo on if Tyson really did this exercise while in prison. It would seem to work in a cell. Things for all of us to keep in mind incase things go south.

Mosey 3/4th around the park to the play ground. Hamm’s year of the pull up continues!

Half group did pull-ups while the other half sprinted to the dugout across the park and back. Flip Flop. Three sets.

Great to see Sketchy and Bassinet do all the pull ups and work with YHC to complete the last assisted sets. Assisted pull-ups lead to solo pull-ups and the only way to get better at pull-ups is to do pull-ups.

Count o rama, Name o Rama. Welcome FNG, new name Uncle Sam. Glad to finally have you out Uncle Sam. You have the best F3 commute in the entire nation.

Ended workout a few minutes early for BOM to talk about F3MentalBattle. Explained the great idea coming out of F3 Louisville, stats regarding men 30-44 regarding suicide and depression and encouraged all to share any burden they were feeling with the group. Put the BOM into perspective as an avenue for support. YHC shared that we are all connected with someone with depression and gave personal example. Guppy added on a great note about loneliness sneaking up on men these days and how F3 can combat this and is intentionally designed to combat it.

Share this group and experience with others. You never know how it’s going to impact someone’s life. You never know how simply inviting someone to be a part of F3 could change their life. Don’t underestimate the impact you can have with a simple invitation.

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