Working Out for Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness was the theme for today’s workout across F3Nation. We began with a brief discussion on the issues of mental health, especially with men, and that as a group we are here for each other. Statistically, someone in our own group could be dealing with some form of depression, or something of the sort. Each exercise will incorporate some form of a partner exercise, so as to demonstrate how we can and should rely on each other.


Disclaimer administered while doing Moroccan Night Clubs OYO. Begin with a 21 silent cadence count SSH. Of course all did not end at the same time so the typical punishment was called for, but with a slight modification, 5 Bropees. Followed up with Big Boy Buddy Sit Ups, Power Merkins with a Flap Jack, Squerkins with Flap Jack, and Three Amigos.


Mosey to play ground for rounds of Partner Pull Ups, Partner Squats (sweetly holding hands), Clerkins (Merkins with a Low-Five). 60 Pull Ups was the goal for each. Mosey to the field for a Brave Caterpillars, laying on back while each PAX hop, jumps, or skips over everyone. Only one was stepped on.


Short discussion from most PAX on dealing with Mental anguish and problems and how we as F3 can come along side each other and the F3Nation to assist with the Sad Clown Syndrome of men. Announcements, Pledge and Prayer.

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