Sally Jacked

Sally Jacked
11 Pax posted for the Pooler Shuffle 
DQ, Betty Crocker, Airball, Radar, Flat Tire, Armpit, Doughboy, WooHoo, Clog, Backstreet, Swabbie
No flyover rule
Disclaimer in Plank
Dive Bombers
Night Clubs 
Through the Tunnels 
Sally Up / Down
“Bring Sally Up” song to MERKINS
Pax did well and rested in the up position
Indian run to front soccer field
Sally Jacked
Pax in a circle – going clockwise pax will call up or down at their own discretion
1st round (up was SSHs, down was LBCs)
Q delegated the exercise selection for next rounds
2nd round (up was low squats, down was imperial walkers) 
3rd round (up was hold low squat, down was hold low plank) 
Indian run back to Shovel Flag
Prayer Request – Announcements

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