So you speak code…

The nine Pax found themselves in cooler air than normal. There were three from Pooler, five from Savannah and that one guy from Richmond Hill that tries to post monthly. Minute warning was issued, pax was advised to circle and low plank. This song may or may not be about you.

COP warning issued about pushing thy self, improving one self, yet keeping it all in perspective, don’t go over bored, the micro may seem simple but the macro will make sense in the end for some. mountain climbers, plank Jacks, merkins, IC 7ish, then Moroccan highs x20, squats 19.

Then we moseyed to the center of the field.

Burpees 7
American hammers 40
Burpees 8
Inclines 20
Burpees 14
U Lunges 11
Merkins 11
Plank Jacks 20
Squats 19

Oak rows
10 burpees after water jug carry to third set of trees. Curls, LBC, shoulder press, flutter kicks, goblet squats, WWII, chest press, plank.
Everyone went through stations twice.
Rotation for Mary, boat canoes redredyer, two pack Freddy Mercury, merkins birdman, burpees putt putt, LBC stone cold, alphabet doughboy, clog air raids, Kojac monkey humpers and pickle pushers. Not the exact order but it went down something like that, YHC did some Superman’s and maybe something else but it escaped the memory bank.

Prayers for UGA VI recovery, all service members, and per Kojac for the futures. Prayers for several pax families, Clog congrats on the BB! We love you brother and you’re gonna be a great one!

Rise up Pax be your best version!

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