Pooler Thunder at Fuel

Conditions: 53 deg F, humid but it felt good

YHC wanted to try and encourage a Q-swap amongst the F3 Savannah AOs, so figured I’d start by Q’ing in Savannah. Though 24 minutes isn’t really that far, when I’m used to 5 minutes this early in the gloom, that extra sleep sure was tempting. Good thing F3 pushes me to do things that aren’t always comfortable or easy.

Oh, and this will get YHC credit for Challenge #3 in the 2019 F3 Savannah Challenge to Q 2 or more workouts at a non-normal AO. Salmonella was the first one to complete that challenge this past Saturday at Spark. YHC is second. (Sidenote, March challenge progress backblast will follow in the next day or two).


  • Failed attempt at Motivators – they are like side-straddle-hop, but different. YHC needs to practice that cadence at home or something.
  • Planks – left arm up, right arm up
  • Dive Bombers * 4
  • Through the tunnels * 15 IC

The Thang

Black Snake Run (Indian Run with the sprinting PAX zig-zagging through the other PAX) along oak row to the stadium and back.

Grab some cinder blocks

Mosey to the light pole where there was conveniently a 2” diameter, 50’ rope around the pole. 1 PAX on the rope will act as the timer doing AMRAP of the exercise. The other PAX circle around to do a matching exercise.

Battle Rope ExerciseNon-rope Exercise
5 alternating waves to burpeesBurpees
Infinity slamsKettle bell swings
Alternating waves with side shuffleCinder block curls
3 forward slam jumps, shuffle backBroad jump, shuffle back
Jump squat rope slamsJump squats OR cindy squats
American hammer rope slamsAmerican hammers
SSH with ropeSSH

Completed 3 cycles. Return the coupons, mosey to the flag.

Hamm owed Matlock 12 March Madness burpees for Virginia making it to the final four and NC State not even making the tournament. The Q said all PAX but Matlock had to do them. Matlock did one ceremonial burpee at the end.


Count, Names, Announcement, Pledge, Prayer

Thanks for letting me Q on short notice. All PAX should try Q’ing at other AOs. Hamm committed to Q in Pooler on 4/19.

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