GORUCK Challenge: Day 1

10 PAX posted on a 40 degree and clear Hump Day. OOT Snuffy, the flag-maker from Jax, posted today…safe travels friend.

COP: Usual disclaimer and warm-ups. YHC and Q was the ONLY one to screw up the Silent 21 SSH’s causing a burpee penalty for the group.

The Thang: GORUCK has a April challenge to workout 7 times…various routines…during the month. Of the 10 PAX posting, 5 PAX posted with 20 lbs or more. To be inclusive of the non-ruckers or the ones that didn’t know to bring their pack, we collected our coupons from the woods to add to the pain. The ruckers were not coupon-exempt and carried their pack and a coupon. The routine involved a 1 mile shuffle broken into 10 stations. At each station, the PAX performed 10 squats with the coupon (of course, F3 count meant we did 20), 10 merkins…derkins if you chose…and 10 American Hammers (some slung the coupon). Rinse and repeat.

COT: Count and Name. JCB Mud Run in June. Pledge and Prayer.

PAX: DQ, Gilligan, Armrest, Betty Crocker, Swabbie, Honker, Radar Doughboy, Snuffy, Clog (Q)

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