Bring your coupons to work day

Conditions: 62 deg F, light rain.

​9 PAX accepted the homework assignment given the night before to bring their own coupons. Rules were <50 lbs. And that was it. Be creative. The PAX did not disappoint. Luckily, a couple of extra coupons were brought by some to provide for the FNG and those that don’t check GroupMe the night before a workout.

YHC brought a 35 lb Gorilla Ladder. Flat Tire brought a wedge shaped paving stone that was way worse than a cinder block. Doughboy brought a cooler with 40 lbs of something inside. Red Ryder, visiting us from the far off land of Savannah, brought a soft sided cooler with water bottles. Swabbie brought a 5 gallon gas tank filled with “water”. He also loaned his ruck with 20 lbs as a coupon. Honker brought a 6’ long hollowed out 6×6 with a convenient carrying strap. He also brought a rusty chain.

YHC’s photography skills could use some practice to capture the PAX and the coupons


  • SSH * 30 IC
  • Plank with disclaimer
  • Merkins * 10 IC
  • MNC * 15 IC
  • Chinooks * 12 each way IC
  • Through The Tunnels * 15 IC
  • Slow Squats * 12 IC

The Thang

While in the COP, do a bear crawl until the Q calls stop. Wherever you stopped, carry that coupon the long way to the normal Fun Run starting spot. We picked up a cinder block on the way to have one extra coupon if necessary.

1 PAX would be the timer by running to the second light pole and back. Goal was to sprint this so the PAX didn’t have to do awkward workouts for too long.

While the timer is running, the remaining PAX figure out how to do an exercise with their coupon. Some were easier than others, but most were uncomfortable. Cycled through typical exercises: overhead press, curls, squats, incline merkins (hands on the coupon), decline merkins, kettle bell swings, and bent over rows. The cooler was probably the hardest one to work with, followed closely by the ladder. It wasn’t until late in the workout that we discovered the cooler simply had a 40 lb sandbag in it which was much easier to work with. Doughboy noted that he did OHP each time on the ladder.

Completed 2.5 rounds. Return the cindy, then make way back to the flag which was not on display due to weather.


Count, Names, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

Welcome Bradshaw! YHC hasn’t seen such dissatisfaction in a given nickname in a while. You’ll learn to love your F3 name Bradshaw!

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