Iron Triangle

A rainy 64 degree gloomy morning and four riders of the storm: @salmanella @stoke @primary and I. Started the warm arama with 21 silent count SSH and Imperial Walkers followed by 11 Absolutions and 10 merkin-climber combos.

Workout: 15min AMRAP Iron Triangle. Three cones 40m apart. Kick soccer ball to cone, for every step away: 1 burpee (1st cone), 5 air squats (2nd cone), and 5-4count flutter kick (3rd cone).

Cooldown: 10 4-count plank jacks and by the numbers high plank/cobra.

Ended with Pledge and COT. Great job @primary. Presented him with his very own RH “build the hill” F3 shirt (no shirt in pic from a red ant attack)!

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