All Upper Body

The morning started with the obligatory suggestion from the PAX that we skip the workout and just go for coffeeteria.  YHC considered momentarily but then gave a quick disclaimer and jumped into some SSH to avoid mutiny.  Doughboy had a little trouble with the cadence at first (on purpose) but was quickly all in.  Bassinet showed up a little late but got a pass since he had the 2.0 in a bassinet.  Great job today guys.  A lot of pushing and pulling.  Hopefully you’ll be sore tomorrow.  5 ½ Pax today.  Hamm, TwoPack, Bassinet + 2.0, Doughboy & YHC.  


SSH x 25

Moroccan Night Clubs x 15

TTT x 15

Don Quixote x 15

IW x 15

Merkins x 10

LBCs x 15


Mosey to the cage to grab a couple of blocks and head over to pull up bars

Merkins with block lift x 16

Pull ups AMRAP

Cross over merkins x 16

Hanging back rows x 16

Derkins x 16+

Heavy Pants x 16

Inclerkins x 16+

Block Rows x 16

Dive bombers x 10 IC

Rinse & Repeat

Farmer carry to field for some arm work

Shoulder press with block x 16

Goodmornings x 16

Crazy 8 curls

Skull crushers x 16

Rinse & Repeat


Improved Freddy Mercury x 16

LBCs x 48 (?!?…thanks TwoPack!)


Name-a-rama, Count-a-rama, Pledge and Prayer

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