As the fog settled in a small crowd emerged, and the Q defaulted to YHC. With no time to spare we got things started after a lengthy warning.

Moroccan night clubs led to Moroccan highs, TTT, Merkins, plank Jacks, slow squats mosey to antless turff fields. IC to about 19 for most, some were only 15, and Moroccan highs got annoying after 10.

YHC stated we would stay one step ahead of the B.E.A.S.T

Burpees 7 reps 12 sets, each set was separated by a 10 yard Sprint. 84 total

American hammers 7 rights for five sets then 14 rights for 7 sets. Total 133

Everyone’s Favorite Merkin 7 for 12 total 84

Squats 7 for 12 total 84

Turnups aka suicides 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 turning up the speed with each. 

Welcome two FNG’S, Shaker and Trophy, also attended and beast defeated by Primary, Doobie and Salmonella

Pledge, COT

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