Story time

14 PAX posted in the early gloom for a good story and some Bear crawls.

Disclaimer given (don’t hurt yourself) while doing Moroccan night clubs. Through the tunnels, Don Quixote,Side straddle hops, Chinooks all done in cadence to random numbers.

The Q called for 20 Burpees. After the burpees, the Q began to tell the story of the boy who put the world puzzle back together. 20 more burpees. More story, more burpees. Keep telling the story and adding burpees until by the end, 100 burpees were done. The boy finally got the puzzle together by using man as a guide. Making the man right made the world right.

Move over to a predetermined spot in the parking lot for Bearmuda Triangle. Divide into 3 groups forming a triangle between light poles. Bear crawl between spots and do a exercise at each location. SSHx25 at each spot, add LBC’s at one, Flutter kicks at one and Freddy Mercs at another. Once everyone made it around the triangle once, switch to lunges in place of Bear crawls. Next rotation goes back to bear crawl. Mosey to the flag.

Countarama, and namearama. Welcome FNG “Thumb Tack” Pledge , Pray, and on our way.

Always good to be with such fine group of men. Thanks to F3 StLouis for the story time idea. Although the PAX aren’t so thankful for all the burpees.

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