Happy Days

(Flyover Rule in Effect). Had 1 A/C at 5 Burpees

Posted Pax- Footlong, Airball, Bradshaw, Thumb Tack, Doughboy, Gilligan, Quikrete, Clog, Stripes, Putt Putt, Radar, and Swabbie

Disclaimer in Plank

Dive Bombers

Night Clubs


Listened to the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams

SSHs performed during the song and when the word ‘happy’ is heard a ground touch to jump squat is performed. The song says ‘happy’ 57 times and SSHs were at an accelerated pace.


Mosey to Cindy’s

10 sets of the following:

100m farmer carry

10 kettle bells

10 squats

All sets were OYO but pax’s held planks, held low squats, did merkins, did hammers and others while waiting for all pax to complete.

Mosey to drop off Cindy’s


Hold 6 inches – 30 secs

Box cutters – 10 reps

Stripes’ River Dance

Thumb Tack’s Star Burst



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