Penalties & Motivation

Five pax showed and waited for the doctor to scrub in for a total of six, the large fraction that was on time heard the warning about paying the tardy penalty. 10 Burpees, next we engaged in a team building exercise to motivate everyone to be on time like 0525 so we can all start together at 0530. 9 burpees, 8 burpees, 7 burpees, 6 burpees, 5 burpees, 4 burpees, 3 burpees, 2 burpees, 10 burpees.

We then did Moroccan night clubs, Imperial walkers, chinooks both ways twice, push up bras, then three count squats to 10, and then speed squats that confused everyone at first but then we got the hang of it after three foul balls we hit the grand slam.

With the warm up complete, the Q was delivered six pax warm pax. We moseyed down the hill to the split at the softball fields. We buddy up’d three ran the .3333 mile loop around in between the fields while their partners stayed holding a plan, doing flutter kicks, or squats, after three rotations it was time to go back to the flag.

Maybe it was the 64 burpees or the pax trying to add up how many we did…was it 54, naw many it was 59….no really it was 64 verified by calculator and excel.

Have a good weekend. Oh and next week Richmond Hill will be lead by virgins all week. That’s right, all three of our new pax in the month of April have stepped up to the plate and we are going to have a full week of VQ’s YHC so excited.  If you want feel free to encourage one of those cotter’s or persons that once showed interest in coming out and getting sharper.

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