F3 Asterisk

18 pax posted in the gloom – Awesome turnout for a Monday!!! Go Pooler!!! Started w/ a shuffle to our back parking lot where we met & circled up for a little COP of SSH’s, Through the tunnels, 4 count Merkins along w/ our disclaimer.

The Thang!!!

Betty crocker, Flat tire, Gilligan, Teddy bear, Clog, DQ, Woo hoo, Bradshaw, Airball, Footlong, Swabbie, Armrest, Stripes, Honker, Radar, Glowstick, Backstreet, Quikrete

We all worked though 6 stations & after each station the pax had to return back to the middle for 15 merkins!! Most did 250+ merkins!!! Each station consisted of MC, Lunges, Jump Squats, WWII, LBC’s, Dirty Dogs!!!

F3 Strong – Great Job Pax!!!

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