Diamond Sprints

7 Pax present for a nice cool AM workout. Pax that joined YHC included Matlock, Hamm, Funions, Guppy, Red Ryder, and Flat Tire joining us from Pooler.

Disclaimer given

COP included SSH, Moroccan night clubs, Don Quixote’s, merkins, and LBC followed by a brief mosey around the park.

3 sets of tricep dips, toe taps and flutter kicks with slightly different reps each time to maintain creativity.

Sprints along each side of the park with stops to each corner of the diamond with merkins, squats and LBCs increasing rests at each corner (10,20,30, 40).

Moseyed to the playground and divided into 3 groups performing pull-ups, swerkins and Bonnie Blair’s.

Back to the flag for 10 burpees plus one ceremonial one and 7 minutes of Mary.

Finished with countarama, namorama, pledge and prayer

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