While three Pax are spring breaking skipping it, one is PFT for the employer, so with one friendly new guy, four pax did a little something with the cinder blocks found in the woods.

COP – Stoke struggled to grasp the concept of MNC, after being here six months he realized now what we meant by rotating the entire arm to loosen the shoulder….Imperial Walker, stoke got these, windshield wipers, slow squats.

The Thang

Everyone but the FNG farmer carried two cinderblocks found in the woods. When someone put the Cindy’s down, we took a moment to sharpen, doing three exercises upper lower core to 21 or more curls, chest press, tractor pulls, kettle bell swings, squats, bent over row with a straight back it took stoke a couple minutes to straighten his back but then the lights came on, and those lifted brick and flutter kicks. The person without a block, did lunges, some pax did 40+, some skipped like stoke, but if your gonna skip you gotta skip like that guy, toughest looking skipper YHC has ever seen.

All in all, good times today, upper burn out, with lots of reps with cindys and endless mumble chatter.

We have a bunch of new FNG’s, and we hope they keep returning.

Help give this thing away.

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