4/24 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Four Pax showed for an experience with coupons, discounts were replaced with a themed party. Darwin couldn’t make it due to some more personal random stuff.


Chinook, bent over Michael Phelps, high knees, planks jacks, plank a Roma

The thing

Short line to turff fields, side field variations Merkins 24 Sprint across field Lbc’s 48 Sprint across field Butt to Bench squats 96 appolo Creed’s down and back Declines, 24, 48, Freddy Mercury kareokee down and back

96 flutter kicks, 12 hello dollys backwards run Sprint back,

24 inclines

80% run back to the flag long way around the pond.

Cot all the baby momma’s to be, all the M’s and Darwin’s family…dawrin is formally known as Stoke.

1 thought on “4/24 Birthdays and Anniversaries

  1. Salmonella Post author

    I pulled a Cachaca after I got home i went ahead and did my 5.3.1. bench press lifting routine. I thought doing 80 bench presses would be a good idea to get it out of the way and reserve the engery for this evening’s festivities….My arms and chest are so sore right now i don’t know if I can hold myself up later. Typing is a struggle. I can’t lift my arms above my head, not necessary for most of my daily actions, but just saying. This could get weirder than it already may be for you and me.

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