Happy Birthday to us

YHC lowered himself by using his birthday as a way to guilt others into attending the workout on Wednesday morning. It worked 20% of the time. (Thanks Sketchy) The planned Q was not able to post that day, notifying YHC around 2am. No worries, YHC has been wanting to unleash the super 21s for sometime. Between that and the traditional birthday burpees, all was well. At 5 till the workout, only a few men had posted. However a solid 8 showed up by 1 minute until. Upon explaining the shame of exploiting one’s own birthday, it was announced by the venerable Captain Cheese that it was also his birthday. One man 27, the other 38. That birthday math = 65 birthday burpees. The thang:

Warm up exercises – SSH, Windmill, 4 count squats, standing tin men

10 burpees

Super 21s – Merkins and big boy sit ups. Do 1 merkin, do 2 setup. Then 2 merkins, 2 setups, etc.

Super 21s 1-10
10 burpees
5 burpees
Super 21s 11-13
Lunge 25 yards and back
10 burpees
Super 21s 14-16
10 burpees
Super 21s 17-18
15 burpees
Super 21s 19
10 burpees
Super 21s 20
5 burpees
Yoga stretches due to all the pushing and sitting up
Super 21s 21

Total: 231 merkins, 231 big boy situps, 65 burpees.

Walk to picnic tables, 5 minutes of stretching

BOM, pledge, prayer

Happy birthday to Capt. Cheese – great to have you out at F3 workouts. Great to see Funions again – best name in the nation, in my opinion.

Announcements: Joy Prom, F3 Mission, Pooler Convergence on May 4th, Mud Run

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