55 Feeling Alive

In honor of our brother Clog from Pooler we did a coupon workout with the 55 theme.

Doobie gave the warning and warmed up the pax as the Q snuck up to the crew after depositing coupons on field one.

Farmer carries, Pax takes two 5 gallon water jugs, which were the timer for the rotation, first round 100 yards out and back.

Curls 40 lb sand back, get at least 25 reps

55lb goblet squats, x 25

Chest Press 60lb, x 25

55 LBC’s

Farmer carries to 55 yard line

Curls, 40 lb, x 25

55lb, Goblets squats, x25

60lb chest press x 25

30 lb ruck plate pass, sitting chief style

5x5x5 while pax held water jugs all rotations with perfect form for five reps to total out 55 reps of all.

55 continuous dips were the cap stone.

Pax was advised that if they set the water jugs down there was a burpee penalty divisible by 5 – no one took a break.

Pax was advised that if they stopped during dips there would be a burpee penalty also disivible by 5, and again, no one took a break, though some slowed near the end, ever so slightly.

Red was planted by the coupon delivering Q, so we held the COT between the fields.

Prayers for Doobie’s brother, Joe, Prayers for Trophies friend Devon who has BC, Shaker called to remember all the pretty momma’s….did he really say pretty….we prayed for all of them.

It is officially happening Stoke will be renamed at his next post

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