Another Monday

4 Pax presented for a typical Monday workout.

COP – SSH IC x 20, IW IC x 20, DQ IC x20, Merkins IC x 10, AST IC x 20, MC IC x 20, LBC IC x20, Walking Tinmans x 10 OYO

Moseyed to the stadium to wall sits for three 10 counts in various fashion

20 Carolina Dry docks, FLutter kick IC x 25

Another round of wall sits for three 10 count with the pax again showing creativity.

Moseyed back to the coupons. DIveided into 2 groups. Group one sprinted to the light pole and back while group two did an exercise, then switched. Following exercises performed: Lawnmowers x 2 sets, bicep curls x 2 sets, goblet squats x 2 sets.

Together as a group did shoulder press and tricep press each x 20 with 2 sets.

Returned the coupons and headed to the flag for Pax choice Mary.

Bassinet – Big Boy Sit ups, Captain Cheese – Boat/Canoe, Funyun – Dead Cockroach Crunch

Wrapped up with count, names, pledge and prayer. Announcement was convergence in Pooler this Saturday.

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