Clog’s 55 birthday Q

15 posted in 60° mist.

COP began with warm-ups and then moved on to stations spread over a mile loop. We performed a different exercise at each stop. Most stops were a 55-F3-count including: merkins, flutter kicks, American hammers, squats, imperial walkers, bear crawls, mountain climbers, lunges, LBC’S. The lucky selection by @RADAR of the final exercise avoiding burpees.

Count-o-rama and Name-o-rama. Named an FNG, Luigi…welcome.

Covergence this Saturday at the Tanger lighthouse: 0200 for a 15 mile ruck and 0700 for a workout.

PAX: Swabbie, Luigi, Armrest, Doorjam, Honker, Radar, Flat Tire, Betty Crocker, DQ, Gilligan, Bradshaw, Clog, Brady Bunch, Doughboy, Quikcrete

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