Coupon Roulette

Seven dared to show their face for a little roulette in the gloom with a clear starry sky 65 degrees and no illumination! @salmonella @stoke @shaker @breezy @trophy @Gilligan

20 was the warmup number IC (4count): high step morrocan night clubs, mountain climbers, plank 20 sec hold, side plank x 2 20 sec hold, little kids in the woods.

Roulette: dealt whole deck of cards to 7.
Ace: spell Capital Alphebet both legs together
King: 20 overhead coupon press
Queen: 20 2count Coupon American Hammer
Jack: 20 Coupon curls
6-10: Merlins
2-5: burpees

when completed, air squats until everyone else gets done.

3 rounds.

4 interval runs around South Bryan govt bldg

by the numbers, pledge, announcements, COT

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