Blackjack for everyone

Some confusion on Slack led to a group of 10 PAX posting without a Q. Clog picked up the initial CoT and YHC suggested the substantive (copyright 43 Feet podcast) portion of the workout.

Conditions: ~68 deg F, humid


Clog led us through planks with a disclaimer and a review of the 5 core principles, followed by 10 dive bombers, 15ish SSH, 10ish Through The Tunnels, 10ish Don Quixote’s, a round of chinooks, and probably one or two others that YHC can’t recollect.

The Thang

21’s – Merkins & Squats

At the start of the parking lane, do 1 merkin, mosey to the other end, do 20 squats. Mosey back for 2 & 19. 3 & 18 … and so on. Always get to 21.

It was noted after the fact that starting with a single merkin and going up was probably harder than starting with 20 merkins and going down. Good thing we like to do hard things.

All finished, should equal 210 merkins and 210 squats by each PAX.

Return to the flag for some quick Mary. Airball threw out 10 batman crunches, Woo Hoo had us do 20 LBCs, and Radar called for Boat Canoe.


Countarama, Namearama, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

Kotters to Funny Bones, good to have you back out, great push today.

Convergence this weekend at the Lighthouse. 0200 start for the ruck, 0700 for the workout.

Prayers for Bradshaw’s aunt in the hospital.

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