Ran into a Sandbar

Pretty sure YHC would have been the recipient of a “lacks-creativity” award this morning…but you get what you pay for…especially when Qing on the fly.

What we did

  • Fairly standard COP. Plank during disclaimer followed by merkins. Then standard warm up. SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, Good Mornings, Arm Circles, more Good Mornings, Wind Mills…
  • Slowsied to playground and inadvertently woke the inhabitant of the gazebo. After wishing him a good morning we began with standard push ups, the pull ups, wide push ups, pull ups, military push ups, pull ups, and so on…
  • After smoking chest and back we lunged to a newly discovered park bench for some step ups and lunged back for some more push ups and pull ups.
  • Twopack led us through 4 minutes of Mary…felt more like 15 minutes of Mary
  • Slowsied back to flag for discussion on the correct definition of ceremonial burpee…then we did five…those who weren’t landing on sand spurs anyway.
  • Filled last few minutes with more shoulder work.
  • COT


  • Hats off to Sandbar for his return
  • Sign up for GrowRuck 2019

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