The Amazing Convergence Race

18 pax posted which was the perfect number for our 3 year convergence. The AO was moved to the tanger outlets for a one time change of venue. After a strong warmup by Betty Crocker including a few Burpees to the tune of “Bodies hit the floor” countless arm circles and chinooks, we were ready to go. Pax were divided into 6 teams of 3 pax each. Six stations were set up at random locations around the parking lot. Each team had to complete all stations and race back to the lighthouse. First team back was the winner. The only rule was that only one team could be working a station at a time. If needed, the waiting team could hold plank and wait for the team to finish.
Stations were:
Cornhole Burpees
One PAX attempts to sink a bag in the cornhole board. 10 tries. Each miss equals 2 burpees per PAX for a maximum of 20 burpees. If the PAX lands in the hole, the count stops there. Example: If the 4th throw lands in the hole, the burpee count will be 8 burpees. One PAX throws for the team all PAX, including thrower, do burpees
Dice Straddle Hops
Each pax rolls a dice. The number on the dice is how many SSH x 10. Cumulative until either 10 rolls or a double 6 is rolled. If a double six is rolled the count stops. ( A roll of 5, 8, 4, and then 12 would= 170 SSH)
One pax runs with weighted stick to certain point and leaves it there. He returns to the start and 2nd pax goes to get stick and return with it. Pass on to next Pax. Relay until all have run with stick. Pax not running do LBC’s AMRAP
Bag of rocks-
Pull two rocks and perform 50 of the exercise at F3 cadence.
Battle Rope
One PAX does alternating waves on the battle rope. All other PAX do a circle lap around the rope PAX cycling through the following exercises: Bear Crawls, Mario Jumps (power skips), Duck Walk, Forward Squat Jumps PAX on the rope goes until the lap is completed. All PAX get one round on the rope
F3 Beatdown Deck
Each pax pulls a card from the deck and the whole team does the exercise of all cards drawn

All the stations were hard and challenging. The Bag of rocks was the equalizer and where Pax spent most of the time. YHC’s team had Merkins and Flutter kicks. In proper F3 count that meant 100 Merkins. Fully exhausted, all teams made it to the lighthouse. Not even sure which team won the competition. While the remaining teams finished, Betty Crocker called for some Dirty Hookups and Doughboy threw in Dolphin kicks.

We finished the workout with a 21 Burpee salute to Riley Howel who selfishly stopped further tragedy in North Carolina last week. A true hero.

Once again it was a pleasure to be part of this group. Special shout out to Trembling earth for making the drive up to post with us. Welcome FNG Shag! Hope to see you post regularly in the Savannah area. You won’t be disappointed!
Pledge, Pray and on our way

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