Dice or Die

Five brave souls arrived out of the fog to seize the day, four had names, one did not @salmonella @stoke @trophy @doobie but we fixed that problem at the end! Circle of Pain: 20 4ct IC SSH, 10 4ct Empire Walkers, 20sec hold plank, side planks, 10 4ct mountain climbers. Moseyed one lap around bldg. passed one Die per man.

Partner workout, 8 corners. Each corner roll two dice, first die determines exercise, second die determines number of reps x 10.

First die: 1-burpee; 2-merkin; 3-plank jack; 4-heels to Heaven; 5-leg ups; 6-air squat.

Reassembled at colors; 20 4ct flutter kicks; 20 CrossFit sit-ups; by the Numbers; naked FNG Chris Larez @soc for Straight Outta Compton. Grew up there. Welcome @soc! Pledge and COT!

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