Hundo Mundo ABCD

Hundo Mundo ABCD
Six Pax showed up to get The RPM rev’d up for the week.
COP doughnut rule five Burpees thanks blue for showing up to the shell, why do they never get gas it’s always a snack… dang it. MNC, Chinooks forwards backwards, IW, TTT, moseyed to Turf one the most direct route. Mumble chatter was good.
The thing hundo is short for 100
Sprint 100 yards
100 4 your A airsquats
100 yard dash
100 4 your belly, LBC
100 yard dash
10O chesticles merkins
100 yard fairy dash
100 step walk over to benchs
100 dips
3x 100 steps then mosey back.

Doobie, Stoke, Trophy, Breezy, Shaker, and Salmonella

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