Another Bang

If you would have asked a year ago YHC would have thrown his hands up and said I’ve given it all I have…then two FNG’S came one Monday and a few months went by Doobie and Stoke and YHC just keep treading. And then this Doctor aka Primary shows up as a church buddy of Doobie’s and then the new redwoods were formed. Ole Stoke brought in Trophy who comes more than him only because of work schedules. So Shaker questioned why aren’t we doing this on Saturday… well now that there are five regulars we could…what time 6-7. 5/4 interfered with Pooler’s reunion so we moved it back weekend.

The warning was delivered with a COP low plank, high plank, mountain climbers Merkins, Imperial walkers direct mosey to the turf fields.

hamm once delivered the hardest workout I had ever done, we got another both four corners of the turf fields.
For the first four corners
13 Burpees
50 squats
63 LBC’S
And YHC gave the Pax a break for the second four corners
12 burpees
25 Merkins
50 squats only first two corners
62 LBC’S only first two corners

And the final corner no burpees…so we were 88 burpees strong, 300 Merkins, 300 Squats, and 378 lbc’s

Long run around the pond so we could show off the AO to our Savannah Redwood. It was great to be amongst these friends new and old… 4/6 made it to breakfast, good times…this is only the beginning!

Trophy, Doobie, Hamm, Shaker, Primary, Salmonella

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