4 Corners and a farmer’s derby

YHC drove from the far reaches of midtown Savannah to join the men of F3 Pooler. 19 minutes later, YHC arrived at the destination. Thanks Google Maps. This Q was a make up Q from a few weeks ago, when a rampant stomach virus prevented my attendance. Having completed this workout earlier in the week, YHC thought it would be a great gift to the men in Pooler. However, it was later determined to be an “over-Q” as in the Q called a workout that smoked himself. Anyways, the thang:

Disclaimer, F3 Mission statement, COP:

40 Side Straddle Hops IC
15 4 count squats IC
20 moroccan Night clubs IC
15 Chinooks, each way IC
Slow and steady windmills IC

Mosey down the parking lot for an escalating 4 corners
10 burpees
Sprint to opposite Corner
10 burpees, 20 pretzel crunches, each way
Sprint to corner
10 burpees, 20 pretzel crunches, 30 jump squats
Spring to Corner
10 burpees, 20 pretzel crunches, 30 jump squats, 40 hand release merkins

Mosey to the block pile in the woods

Catch me if you can – partner up. 1 partner farmer carries 2 blocks, while the other exercises, then sprints to partner, flip flop. Do this all the way to ticket office (75 yards? I have no idea really)
10 merkins
10 lunges
3 burpees

Moleskin: It was great to continue to get to know some of the pooler guys. I highly recommend traveling away from your regular AO. This was literally a 20 minute drive. FNG Tutti Frutti was welcomed.

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