Hammer Time

Disclaimer (x2) was given, First was that YHC must have eaten something bad for dinner the night before and I hoped to be able to lead from the front, but others might not want to follow too closely.


Round of shoulders: MNC, Chinook, O/H Clap, Arm circles. 4-ct squats, followed by Through the Tunnels with a clap behind the back. Speaker was engaged and MC Hammer started coming out with “You Can’t Touch This”. When YCTT is sung = Burpees, but when Hammer says to “Break it down” all must squat and rotate clockwise in s sideshuffle. SSH performed during all other singing portions.

The Thang

F3’s “Official” Deck of Pain was brought out. While catching breath, YHC described all exercises and rules that may be unfamiliar to the PAX. PAX were spit into 2 teams, each drawing from the stack. Each team had to perform the prescibed exercise and quantity to collect that card. The team that colloected the most cards was crowned the winner with a special reward, (which wasn’t all that special). Final round the winners picked a card for the losers, but the losers picked a card for the winners, so in one sense we all were winners.


Announcements: JCB Mud Run price goes up again on May 15th. Sign up now to save some money. We already have one or two teams involved. May 21st will be the 3rd F event. More info coming but plan on after work that Tuesday meeting up for some service fun at a house that needs some loving attention. Pledge, Prayer (BOM).

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