Q’ing for the Very First Time

6 pax and 1 pile of poop posted at the Daffin AO. I failed to keep an exact log, but here’s what I remember.




Imperial Walkers

Moroccan Night Clubs

Raise the Roof(s)

Calf Raises

Mountain Climbers


Walked over to the curb for an Ascending Curb Crawl to 13, during which TwoPack found the poop and quickly re-stationed himself.

Moseyed to the small field by the cage.

Sprint to halfway down field

Burpees x 10

Lunge rest of the way

Situps x 20

Lunge (I think) back to halfway

Merkins x 30

Back to start

Squats x 40

Crab walk to halfway point

Continued this way using either sideways run, backward run, or sprint to get us to halfway point or ends. Remaining exercises included flutter kicks, slow Merkins, more squats, more situps, and others I can’t remember.

Upon our final return to the starting point, TwoPack led us in too many reps of Freddie Mercuries, LBCs, and some sustained form of alternating toe-touches.

Mosey to the flag for a li’l bit of Boat/Canoe.


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, Pledge, and Prayer

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