Matrix Reload

Like many sequels, this one was similar to the first but a little more awful.  14 pax said no to the blue pill and showed up to learn the truth about their own limits in the Matrix of Pain.

Conditions: Upper 50’s, mild humidity, dry

Short warm-up of 13 SSH, 13 Imperial Walkers and 13 Chinooks.  YHC likes the #13…

The Thang

Mosey to the back parking lot to find a 5 x 4 grid (aka “matrix) of columns and rows. PAX complete 5 movements (burpees, ‘merkins, jump squats, LBCs and American hammers) in progressively larger quantities corresponding to the the product of the row and column in the grid.  Mosey back to the start once the grid was complete and hold plank until all pax finish.  Next we went deeper into the matrix by repeating with a 2X factor.  3rd round of 3x was cut short due to time.


A little boat / canoe and some Dolly’s rounded out the morning

Countarama, Namearama, pledge and prayer.




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