12 PAX posted at the Pooler Rec Center…including an FNG…welcome Keebler! It was a slightly breezy 68° as the sun came up.

COP began with a short warm-up but steadily grew into a full sweat with some grunts and groans as the High Intensity Interval Training routine wore on. Few were winded early and I learned that burpees increase the intensity of any workout…as well as for getting verbal interaction from the PAX. We explored the value of a 12 count burpee which is kind of a mashup of squats, pushup, mountain climber, plank Jack in the framework of a burpee.

All succeeded in finishing the workout! I’ll have to step up the intensity next. For the new guys…remember that you can modify as needed.

Closed with count, name, pledge and Prayer. BC’s sister is going thru a job change/search and Footlong had shoulder surgery…no more Nemo workouts…lol.

See y’all Monday!

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