Turn It Up To 11

Conditions: 72 deg F, humid – probably 100% already


Plank during disclaimer – or disclaimer during plank

The Good News – no Flyover Rule. The Bad News – we would do enough Burpees to make up for it.

To help redeem the 80’s (no small feat) after Clog’s 80’s music beatdown on Friday, YHC tried to bring some respectable 80’s music … Guns N Roses classic Welcome to the Jungle. Do overhead claps (eventually modified to Good Mornings) during the song with a burpee every time the word Jungle was said. Perhaps not surprisingly, the PAX looked forward to the burpees in order to give the shoulders a momentary breather.

In another tribute to the 80’s, YHC called out the eleven dial from Spinal Tap … a classic mockumentary from the 1980’s that apparently none of the PAX have ever heard of?!?!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Spinal Tap

The Thang

Mosey to get a cinder block per PAX.

Eleven’s with Kettle Bell Swings and Burpees (run about 50 yards between the two stations). 55 burpees and 55 kettle bell swings later …

The Good News – we are done with burpees. The Bad News – we are not done with KB Swings.

Circle up. Pyramid of Merkins and Squats (5 each, then 10 each, then 15 each, then 20 each, then back down). In between each pyramid step, do 10 KB Swings. YHC called to modify to a pyramid peak of 25 if so desired. We had time.

Return the cindy’s, mosey back to the flag. Good news – no time for Mary.


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#3rdF this week thanks to Flat Tire’s initiative to set up an improvement project for a needy elderly woman. Look for details on Slack, or reach out to YHC or Flat Tire.

Memorial Day Weekend Murph – Saturday @ 0700, Forsyth Park.

Since the Murph is on Saturday, we threw out the idea of a 2.0 friendly workout on Memorial Day. Start at 0700. This would be a great Q opportunity for anyone looking to step up.

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