The Thunderstorm ⛈

(FLYOVER RULE IN EFFECT) did 5 Burpees for 1 aircraft

Disclaimer in Plank

Dive Bombers

Night Clubs 


Song – Imagine Dragons – Thunder

Exercise – SSHs – when thunder is said move to a ground touch jump squat (74 times)

Mosey to Cindys – 5 less than total PAX

11 Total Stations for 12 Total PAX

2 PAX on Speed Harness – 2 PAX @ 200 yds for PACE 

1 PAX on Battle Rope

1 PAX on 65lb seal sack squats

1 PAX on 40lb seal sack lunges

1 PAX on Cindy pull throughs 

1 PAX on incline pushups

1 PAX on Cindy Kettle Bells

1 PAX on Cindy staggered pushups LEFT

1 PAX on Cindy staggered pushups RIGHT

1 PAX on Cindy upright rows

1 PAX on Cindy curls

Mosey to drop off Cindys 


Prayer Request – Announcements



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