1/2 Murph

Six dared the gloom with one FNG! @doobie @shaker @trophy @stoke @teddybear

COP: 24 SSH, 24sec plank, 24 shoulder taps, mosey to playground; 1/2 mile.

Broke into teams of two; one pair started 50 pull-ups; second pair started 100 pushups; last pair started 150 air squats. With a lot of peer pressure, we finished together and took the long way home around the parking lot and pond. Completed 24 chinooks to cool down those pull-up muscles. Then police rule x 2 happened, 10 burpees. Numberama; naming @Flipper for @teddybear 2.0 swimming offspring Aiden.

Come tomorrow 6-7am for the Murph 2.0. Got to finish his tribute tomorrow!

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